Scaling Up Technology & Infrastructure whilst Bringing Costs Down

30 May - 01 June 2022
Hilton, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Pre-Day Masterclass 30 May 2022

Join us in Düsseldorf for the World Electrolysis Congress

The world’s leading electrolysis conference returns to tackle the remaining bottlenecks to rolling out electrolysers at scale and pace. Over two days, discover the latest innovations in the field, hear from leading hydrogen project developers, electrolyser manufacturers, compression and storage companies, engineering firms, infrastructure and transport and more!

  • Understand how the hydrogen sector can ramp up the rollout of large-scale electrolysis plants

  • Where should we take a decentralized modular approach?

  • How can we unlock the cost curve and greatest efficiencies of PEM, Alkaline, Solide Oxide and other technologies?

  • Debate how manufacturing capacity, grid infrastructure and transportation will be ready to cope with large quantities of hydrogen

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